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Education sessions


The Franchise Fast and Furious

Phil Di Bella
During this interactive keynote session with coffee King, Phillip Di Bella, expo attendees have the opportunity to tap into the mind of a successful entrepreneur who not only has been on the inside of the Franchise sector, but understands fast growth! Phil has an enormous passion for the industry and an entrepreneurial spirit to give back on his lessons learnt and observations from his career.

Six key steps to take in your due diligence

Prof. Lorelle Frazer
In this session you will be guided through six important steps you should take before entering a franchise:
1. Understanding franchising – educating yourself
2. Assessing your personal suitability
3. Doing your research
4. Reading relevant legal documents
5. Obtaining independent professional advice
6. Talking to other franchisees in the brand
Bill Morgan

Digesting the Disclosure Document and more

Bill Morgan
One of the most important documents when assessing franchise opportunities is the Disclosure Document. In this informative session accredited franchise mediator Bill Morgan will discuss the key information it provides to help you focus on the most relevant parts, as well as other key information you need to keep an eye out for which may not be included in the Disclosure Document. He'll also provide guidance on the types of questions you need to ask to ensure your information gathering process is effective.
Derek Parsons

Franchise Finance: Your questions answered

Derek Parsons
Hear how to access finance to fund your franchise and get your questions answered by our expert speaker.
Peter Knight

Can I afford to buy a franchise?

Peter Knight
When you're investigating franchises, one of the first questions to ask is "What will it cost?". When you know this, the next step is to consider whether you can afford it.
In this session we will discuss financing options and how to assess whether a franchise is affordable or too much of a financial stretch.
Kelli Ponting

Franchise marketing: what are you responsible for?

Kelli Ponting
While franchisors share responsibility for marketing, franchisees also need to understand, plan and fund activity even outside a contribution to a marketing fund. This session will cover some of the fundamentals of local area marketing, including some tips and hints for low or no-cost marketing activity you can undertake even when starting out.
Alicia Hill

What are the critical questions you need the right answers to when buying a franchise?

Alicia Hill
While franchisors share responsibility for marketing, franchisees also need to understand, plan and fund activity even outside a contribution to a marketing fund. This session will cover some of the fundamentals of local area marketing, including some tips and hints for low or no-cost marketing activity you can undertake even when starting out.
Marianne Marchesi

Doing your research on the franchisor

Marianne Marchesi
Marianne discusses what kind of research you can do to equip yourself with the information you need to make an informed decision, such as:
- where to look in the Disclosure Document
- what kind of searches to undertake on the franchisor
- questions you should ask existing franchisees

How does Covid-19 affect buying a franchise?

Kate Groom
Have the events of this year nudged you to investigate franchise business opportunities? If so, it’s wise to consider how COVID-19 might affect the business.
In this session, we’ll help you understand the opportunities and identify risks to watch out for. You’ll learn how to ask good questions as you undertake due diligence on the franchise.
David Campbell

How to assess if the risk and return is right for you?

David Campbell
Buying a franchise is buying an investment and you need to know what kind of returns you will get for your money. This session will cover the following topics:
What income do you really need from the business? What is the minimum ROI levels a Franchisee needs to achieve? How do you assess the potential of the investment? What working cash will you need?

What is franchising?

Dr. Anthony Grace
While there are a lot of benefits to franchising there are a few common misconceptions that some franchisees don’t realise when buying into a franchise brand.
Dr Anthony Grace will cover four of the most common misconceptions and explain how franchising actually works to ensure you fully understand the commitment you are making when entering franchising.

ACCC shares three key things about franchising others probably won’t tell you

Kristie Piniuta
As part of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) role we get over 400 reports about franchising each year. Sometimes the reports are about things that are not actually against the law, but still seem really unfair for the franchisee. The impact we hear about ranges from people regretting their investment to people losing everything. Kristie Piniuta will explain three essential things about franchising which you’ll want to know before deciding whether franchising or a particular franchise system is for you.

What will I need to start preparing to get bank finance?

Tony Cotter
Learn the basic requirements in preparing an application for a business loan, PLUS key elements to consider which may assist with your application during these current economic times.
Simone Pentis

Top 6 tips to know before buying a franchise

Simone Pentis
Purchasing a franchise can be exciting but also overwhelming, especially if this is your first time entering franchising or moving from being an employee to a business owner. Learn the six top tips from a franchise law expert, who has helped to empower hundreds of franchisees to make the best decision on which franchise to buy and increase your chances of a successful future, instead of a painful experience.
Craig Latham

How Small Business Commissioners and the Ombudsman’s office can support you in your franchise journey

Dr. Craig Latham, Judy O'Connell Maree Adshead
Learn the steps you can take now while assessing franchise opportunities to avoid some of the common issues seen in dispute resolution services nationally, during this panel discussion with Deputy Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman and Small Business Commissioners from Queensland and Victoria.

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